Adresa BRNO Starobrněnská 10 / 602 00 Brno - střed

tel Reservation: +420 736 487 948

Group menu offer - for download (294 KB) for download

Menu 1
Price 575 CZK
Soup muShroom cappuccino
Main Course dug leg confit, red and white cabbage, dumplings
Dessert poppy seed ice cream
Menu 2
Price 415 CZK
Soup beef soup with liver dumplings and noodles
Main Course traditional stuffed beef rolls with rice
Dessert apple strudel
Menu 3
Price 475 CZK
STARTER carpaccio of beetroot with feta cheese
Main Course risoto de verdure with parmigiano reggiano
Dessert homemade curd bundt cake with berries
Menu 4
Price 450 CZK
Soup chicken broth with homemade noodles
Main Course roasted pork cubes with spinach, boiled potatoes
Dessert traditional czech “žemlovka” with vanilla cream
Menu 5
Price 525 CZK
Soup carrot soup with coriander and pumpkin seeds
Main Course grilled zander with vegetables julienne, roasted potatoes with garlic
Dessert honey cake “royal”
STARTER salmon tartare
SOUP minestrone
MAIN COURSE braised beef cheeks in red wine, roasted pumpkin mash
DESSERT chocolaTe mouSSe with raspberrieS

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